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[FN#143] A conjecture. MS. gives dilecad (Str.)



coich les, coich amles
to whom the benefit, to whom the harm

thocur dar clochach? moin.[FN#144]

causeway over stony moor.

[FN#144] The last line in the Ms. is t d c m.

Dalis Mider dia mis Fochiallastar (i. rotinoil). Echaid formna

Mider appointed a meeting for the end of a month. Echaid assembled (i.e. collected)troops.

laech la-erend com batar hi Temrach, ocus an ro po dech do fiannaib

of heroes of Ireland so that they were in Tara, and what was best of champions

h-Erind, cach cuaird imm araile im Temrach immedon ocus a nechtair,

of Ireland, each ring about another, around Tara im the middle, and outside it

ocus is-tig. Ocus in ri ocus in rigan immedon in taigi, ocus ind lis

and within. And the king and the queen in the middle of the house, and its Liss

iatai fo glassaib, ar ro fetatar do t-icfad fer in mar cumacht. Etain

shut under locks, for they knew that would comie of insen the great might. Etain

boi ocon dail ind aidehi sin forsna flathi, ar ba sain dana disi dal.

was dispensing that night to the princes, for it was meet then for her pouring (of the wine)

Am batar iarom fora. m-briathraib, co accatar Mider chucu for

When they were thereon at their talking they saw Mider (come) to them on

lar ind rigthige. Ba cain som dogres ba caini dana inn aidehi sin.

the floor of the royal palace. He was fair always, was fairer then on that night.

Tosbert im mod na slûag ateonnairc. Sochsit uli iarom ocus

He brought to amazement the hosts that he saw.[FN#145] Were silent all thereon, and

[FN#145] Reading atcondairc (Str.).

ferais in ri faelti fris. Is ed dorochtmar ol Mider. An ro gella

the king gave welcome to him. It is this we have come for, said Mider. What was promised

dam-sa or se, tucthar dam. Is fiach ma gelltar, an ro gellad

to myself, said he, let it be given to me. It is a debt if a promise is given,

tucus dait-siu. Ni imrordusa for Echaid, ani sin co se.

I have given to thee. Not have I thought on, said Echaid, that very thing up to now.

Atrugell etain fein dam-sa, ol Mider, ticht uait-siu.

Thou hast promised Etain herself to me, said Mider, message (lit. a coming) from you.

Imdergthar im Etain la, sodain. Na imdergthar imut for Mider, ni

There was a blush on Etain thereupon. Let there be no blush on thee, said Mider, not

droch banas duit-siu. Atu-sa, ol si, bliadain oc do chuingid com

evil marriage-feast to thee. I am myself, said he, a year at seeking thee with

mainib ocus setaib at aildem in ere, ocus ni tucus-sa

treasures and jewels that are the most beautiful in Ireland and not I took thee

comad chomarlecud do Echaid. Ni -la-deoas damsa ce

till there should be permission of Echaid. Not by good-will to me any

dotchotaind. Atrubart-sa frit-su ol si, conom rire Echaid,

getting thee. I myself said to thyself, said she, until Echaid gives me up

nit rius. Atometha lat ar mo chuit fein, dia nom rire Echaid.

not will I come to thee. Take me with thee for my own part, if me Echaid will give up.

Nit ririub immorro, for Echaid, acht tabrad a di laim

Not thee will I give up however, said Echaid, but (I give) a placing of his two hands

imut for lar in tige, amal ro gabais. Dogentar for Mider.

about thee on floor of the house, as thou art. It shall be done! said Mider.

  1. mider Atetha a gaisced ina laim cli, ocus gabais in mnai fo a leth-oxail dess,

that is, Mider
He took his weapons in his hand left, and took the woman under his shoulder right,

ocus focois-le for forles in tige. Conerget in-t-sluaig imon rig

and carried her off over skylight of the house. Pose up the hosts, about the king

iar melacht forro, co n-accatar in da ela timchell na Temra. Is ed

after a disgrace on them, they saw the two swans around Tara. It is this,

ro gabsat do sid ar Femun. Ocus luid Echaid co fomno

they took (the road) to elfmound about about Femun. And went Echaid with a troop

fer n-Erend imbi do sith ar Femun i. sid ban-find.

of men of Ireland about him to elf mound about Femun i.e. elfmound of the fair-haired women.

B (a si com)[FN#146] arli fer n-Erend, fochlaid each sid [a gap, 12 letters lost]

That was the counsel of the men of Ireland, he dug up each elf-mound.

[FN#146] The letters in parentheses are a conjecture by Strachan, to fill up a gap in the manuscript.

tised a ben. do uadib, Foce [a gap of 13 letters, rest of the version lost.]

should come his wife to him from them.

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