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Site Updates

This section keeps track of changes to the site.

  1. May 11. 2021 -- I have owned this domain for a very long time and it was meant to host a site dedicated to Irish culture and history. However the site did not take off and so I basically abandoned it for the last decade. In fact, the last update beore a wteak to the front page and some of the other pages today was in 2011, almost exactly 10 years ago. The site kept running however because it has space on the server use to run my other more popular sites and so while inactive, the site never died. Now I have decided to bring it back and make it live up to its potential as a great resource for information about Ireland and the Irish people including their history, achievements, struggles and more.
  2. 2010 -- Last update to the site followed by a decade long period of inactivity. We were just resting up to do the work needed to make this the best source for information about the Irish people and Ireland!


This is a website about Irish history and culture.